Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The Quick Fix: Uninspired, uninteresting and unbelievable. 
The Bottom Line: Blackhat is the cinematic equivalent of standing over your company’s IT person as they methodically tap, click and navigate their way through your computer’s problem du jour.  You follow for a few seconds, get completely lost and suddenly a rousing game of smartphone Subway Surfers sounds like a more compelling option…  Heat, The Insider, Collateral, Last of the Mohicans - director Michael Mann has brought us some powder keg moving pictures (some of my favorites); so here I stand/sit disappointingly telling you that this time he has delivered a downright dud.  A formulaically flat, disjointed, chemistry-free and uncompelling flick about computer hacking, cybercrime and the digital age – an unintentionally laughable film that follows a collaborative group of globe-hopping digital do-gooders following a narratively anorexic and coaxialy confusing bread crumb trail to the bad guys…  We’re treated to a few scant scenes of manic Mann-in-action that give the movie a fleeting crackle but nothing ever truly pops…ever.  Thinly scripted, lazily acted and poorly executed – Chris Hemsworth may shine as the Avenger’s God of Thunder, but here he’s reduced to the mighty bore.

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wei Tang, Leehom Wang and John Ortiz
Directed by: Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, The Insider and Last of the Mohicans)
Rated: R (for violence and some language)
Running time: 133 minutes
Studio description: Set within the world of global cybercrime, Legendary's Blackhat follows a furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners as they hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

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