Thursday, January 15, 2015


The Quick Fix: Powerful, personal and provocative.
The Bottom Line: At 84, director Clint Eastwood has rolled up his sleeves, dug his hands in to the dry Iraqi sand and pulled out an efficient, taught and edge-of-your-seat nail-biter that’s sure to please crowds nationwide.  As evidenced in the brilliance of it's trailers and marketing, it’s an action-packed and emotionally charged tug-of-war.  Intense and draining in equal measures.  …and Bradley Cooper – wow – Bradley Cooper.  This guy delivers one of his best performances to date (see also Silver Linings Playbook) by entrenching himself and portraying a collected, quiet and honorable man of duty.  A man out of step with home life who struggles deeply when not deployed overseas to protect American soldiers which, in turn, protects his country and family.  To him, they were brothers – to them he was a hero.  Eastwood and Cooper, together, drum up every last ounce of humanity so that actions and feelings are never vaguely presented – they’re delivered with fiendish force and gritty gusto.  We may be dipped in to broadly brushed yet tough-to-avoid melodrama at home (a huge issue it seems with naysaying critics who don’t know no better) – but it all helps to solidify the urgency and tension with each new tour.  This true life, modern day, military warfare western effectively conveys the good, the bad and the ugly of  war – who better to serve it up raw than our greatest living cowboy himself…

Starring: Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller
Directed by: Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino and Mystic River)
Rated: R (for strong and disturbing war violence, and language throughout including some sexual references)
Running time: 134 minutes
Studio description: U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission: to protect his brothers-in-arms. His pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and, as stories of his courageous exploits spread, he earns the nickname "Legend." However, his reputation is also growing behind enemy lines, putting a price on his head and making him a prime target of insurgents. Despite the danger, as well as the toll on his family at home, Chris serves through four harrowing tours of duty in Iraq, becoming emblematic of the SEAL creed to "leave no man behind." But upon returning home, Chris finds that it is the war he can't leave behind. (C) Warner Bros

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