Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Movie Guy Oscar Predictions

You can find the broadcast on ABC this Sunday (2/27) at 8/5p.  So you have a little time to catch THE KING'S SPEECH, BLACK SWAN, THE FIGHTER and TRUE GRIT in theaters - or, you can rent THE SOCIAL NETWORK, TOY STORY 3, INCEPTION, WINTER'S BONE or THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT on DVD/Bluray.  Below you can find my picks (possible spoilers) for the winner's circle.  Use it as you wish, impress your friends, make yourself look knowledgeable in the fine art of cinema and make money...were making money legal in this type of circumstance.  Most importantly...have fun and feel free to disagree with me on anything you see below.  Have a Happy Valenoscarirthiversary!

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