Friday, July 31, 2009


Starring: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman
Story: Funny People is the story of a famous comedian/box-office star who has a near death experience (Universal Pictures).

Rated: R

Bottom line: Well-timed jokes, solid comedy, human emotion, drama - seems like the newest cinematic ingredient director Judd Apatow (THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN and KNOCKED UP) prefers working with is depth. Although meandering and not quite as profound as it wants to be - an enjoyable, adult-themed, expertly-crafted, movie-going experience is delivered heartily by a stellar cast doing their best to help these funny, troubled, grumpy souls find their direction in life. If you’re looking for funny people this weekend then go see the summer smash THE HANGOVER…if you want funny, unhappy people than look no further than this solid outing.

Race to Witch Mountain B
The Soloist B-
Obsessed C-

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