Friday, April 29, 2016


Much more than the ‘gangsta kitten movie’ the poster implied or my wife made fun of me for wanting see, Key and Peele – the hysterically funny, former Comedy Central comedians – deliver an energetically rousing, drug-and-profanity-laced, action-packed comedy about rescuing a lost…well, yeah, okay…gangsta kitten.  Keanu makes for a hilariously breezy and equally offensive time at the movies.  And as terrific as the comedic bits may be, the movie itself has a tough time keeping up with the talent. The simplicity of the find-the-feline narrative occasionally dictates that the story falls flat – it’s not particularly deep cinema containing intrigue at every turn.  The winning and welcome stylings of K and P, however, willfully embrace the zany, offbeat and just plain silly.  Watching this dynamic duo falsely ping-pong from suburbanite straight-males to thuggish street life baddies is the movie’s gold – and it employees shock-value barbs, dimwitted dialogue and a decent bite of social commentary to full effect!  Goofy, good-hearted, guffaw-riddled and graphic, Keanu is more excellent adventure than bogus journey – and a trip that’s definitely worth taking! 

Starring: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Tiffany Haddish, Jason Mitchell and Method Man 
Directed by: Peter Atencio
Rated: R 
Running time: 1hr. 40min. 
Story: Two friends pose as drug dealers to get back a stolen cat. 

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