Thursday, September 18, 2014


Bottom Line: Purposely throwing back to the low budget, churn-em-and-burn-em slasher flicks of the 80’s, this hilariously (and knowingly) cheesy home invasion B-movie thriller is a breath of fresh, post-summer blockbuster, pre-Oscar season air.  Devilishly serious in its intent and downright quirky in its execution, this bare bones and bonkers thrill ride soars on the charismatic and Bradley Cooper-esque wings of Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey).  Without his involvement, this would have easily played like a lazy and unwarranted DRIVE meets FRIDAY THE 13th meets THE LOST BOYS by way of THE BOURNE IDENTITY wannabe.  He’s gets it and is never afraid to let us in on the joke as well…  Plus, the ham-fisted over-acting, under-written script, thinly plotted twists and super-synthesized soundtrack all gloriously lend themselves to the thick-as-molasses, 80’s action/horror vibe.  It’ll turn some on, it’ll turn others off.  Decisively familiar and still deliciously unique, THE GUEST is a move worth letting in.

Starring: Dan Stevens, Brendan Meyer and Maika Monroe
Directed by: Simon Barrett (YOU’RE NEXT)
Running time: 97 minutes
Studio description: A tense, action-packed and unpredictable film like everything and nothing you've ever seen before. (c) Picturehouse

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