Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I may have about 37 movies tied for second place, but RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK remains my #1 pick of all time.  Ever since that hot afternoon the weekend of June 12, 1981 when I persuaded my friends to not see CLASH OF THE TITANS (which opened the week prior) and instead check out the new action flick with the guy who played Han Solo.  They finally agreed to go - to take the leap of faith...and, somehow, our parents agreed to drop us off at the theater (perhaps having us all away for two-hours would lend itself nicely to a relaxing, margarita-fueled afternoon of cribage...or whatever they did when we were away.  We were eleven...we didn't care).

So here's the deal: You now have a chance - a window of opportunity - to catch this BTMG certified crowd pleaser in glorious IMAX.  Go by yourself (not creepy, trust me - well, not completely creepy), go with friends or, as the poster states above, introduce a whole new generation to the legend.

I can't wait.  Might even take my oldest - but he's seven - so I'm sure Mrs. BTMG (in the role of the responsible parent) is gonna shut that brilliant idea right down.  Oh well, guess I'll be the creepy alone guy... 
Special thanks goes to Regal Cinemas for putting together first rate concepts!  Well played, RC...well played.

Check out all the details and look for a participating theater near you. 

Throw me idol, I throw you the link: http://www.regmovies.com/Regal_Raiders.aspx

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