Friday, March 18, 2011


Starring: Bradley Cooper, Abby Cornish and Robert DeNiro
Rated: PG-13
Story: Out-of-work writer Eddie Morra's rejection by girlfriend Lindy confirms his belief that he has zero future. That all vanishes the day an old friend introduces Eddie to MDT, a designer pharmaceutical that makes him laser focused and more confident than any man alive. Now on an MDT-fueled odyssey, everything Eddie's read, heard or seen is instantly organized and available to him. As the former nobody rises to the top of the financial world, he draws the attention of business mogul Carl Van Loon, who sees this enhanced version of Eddie as the tool to make billions. But brutal side effects jeopardize his meteoric ascent. With a dwindling stash and hit men who will eliminate him to get the MDT, Eddie must stay wired long enough to elude capture and fulfill his destiny. If he can't, he will become just another victim who thought he'd found invincibility in a bottle. (Relativity Media)

Bottom Line: A stylishly paranoid and adrenaline-fueled ‘what would you do if you were in his shoes’ thriller that delivers the occasional popcorn, cinematic highs (and just as many been-there-done-that lows). It could have been sharper, it should have been smarter - so it may give you the munchies for something a bit better. The movie actually does have its limits – but it would still make for a perfect matinee priced sit…

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