Friday, February 11, 2011


Starring the voices of: Emily Blunt, James McAvoy and Maggie Smith

Rated: G

Story: The greatest love story ever told, starring... garden gnomes? In the upcoming "Gnomeo & Juliet," Shakespeare's revered tale gets a comical, off-thewall makeover. Gnomeo and Juliet have as many obstacles to overcome when they are caught up in a feud between neighbors. But with plastic pink flamingos and thrilling lawnmower races in the mix, can this young couple find lasting happiness? (Touchstone Pictures)

Bottom Line: It’s a weirdly offbeat and bizarre retelling that delivers some of the entertainingly heartfelt animated goods you’d expect from a non-Pixar animated tale. Kids will love it, but to see GNOMEO AND JULIET is to know exactly what happened to all the mushrooms in the garden. The writers ate ‘em…and then decided to make this movie.

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