Friday, November 19, 2010


Starring: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Neeson

Directed by: Paul Haggis (won a Best Picture Oscar in 2004 for CRASH)

Story: Life seems perfect for John Brennan until his wife, Lara, is arrested for a gruesome murder she says she didn't commit. Three years into her sentence, John is struggling to hold his family together, raising their son and teaching at college while he pursues every means available to prove her innocence. With the rejection of their final appeal, Lara becomes suicidal and John decides there is only one possible, bearable solution: to break his wife out of prison. Refusing to be deterred by impossible odds or his own inexperience, John devises an elaborate escape plot and plunges into a dangerous and unfamiliar world, ultimately risking everything for the woman he loves. (Lionsgate)

Rated: R

Bottom Line: Crowe, great actor that he is, does a solid job of a husband/father at the end of his rope – shame the movie couldn’t follow his lead. There’s a little sizzle to THE NEXT THREE DAY’S steak but it still remains a lumbering, contrived, poorly staged, nonsensical and occasionally boorish slab of meat. THE NEXT THREE DAYS is actually how long this movie felt at times…

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