Friday, February 26, 2010


Starring: Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell

Story: A husband and wife in a small Midwestern town find themselves battling for survival as their friends and family descend into madness in The Crazies. A mysterious toxin in the water supply turns everyone exposed to it into mindless killers and the authorities leave the uninfected to their certain doom in this terrifying reinvention of the George Romero horror classic. (Overture Films)

Rated: R for bloody violence and language

Bottom Line: It’s as if this movie has been training for the very day the lights go down in a theater near you… It’s fit, it’s lean and it comes in quickly, scares the bah-jeez-wax out of ya’, and leaves you wanting more - but in a really good way. If you’re in to this kind of thing then you’d be stupid batty kooky out of your mind bonkers crazy not to see THE CRAZIES!

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