Thursday, January 28, 2010


Starring: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston

Story: Edge of Darkness is an emotionally charged thriller set at the intersection of politics and big business. Thomas Craven is a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Police Department and a single father. When his only child, twenty-four year-old Emma, is murdered on the steps of his home, everyone assumes that he was the target. But he soon suspects otherwise, and embarks on a mission to find out about his daughter's secret life and her killing. His investigation leads him into a dangerous, looking glass world of corporate cover-ups, government collusion and murder – and to shadowy government operative Darius Jedburgh, who has been sent in to clean up the evidence. Craven's solitary search for answers about his daughter's death transforms into an odyssey of emotional discovery and redemption. (Warner Bros.)

Rated: R for strong bloody violence and language

Bottom Line: All I wanted was a fierce, mayhem-fueled movie of bloody revenge (like last year’s TAKEN starring Liam Neeson). What I got was a well acted but lazily-paced and convoluted corporate, murder-mystery, political-who-done-it detective drama that never fully heats up in the pot and, unfortunately, never boils over. On screen, I like my Mel madder…

On DVD/Bluray next Tuesday (2/2):

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